Atlas Copco offers to simplify ordering

Atlas Copco Compressors has bundled some of its most popular air and nitrogen products into five packages to make ordering and financing easier.

The new packages are being offered in an effort to help customers take advantage of finance rates, in addition to helping customers which might be suffering with or concerned about a reported carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage in the US.

In many industries, nitrogen can replace CO2 for inerting, bottling and purging which saves up to 70% on monthly costs as well as significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


NGMs range

Through Atlas Copco’s nitrogen initiative, the South Carolina-based company claims customers have the potential to save significant amounts of money every month, with zero limitations on the amount of nitrogen they can produce and use. After five years, the nitrogen generators are wholly owned, and the monthly payment would be zero.

“In the current situation, we have focused on packages that can add value to the bottom line from day one,” said Paul Humphreys, Vice-President of Communications and Branding at Atlas Copco.

“With the new finance plans, we are working to ensure that the monthly savings are always greater than the monthly payments, providing positive cash flow from the start.”

The NGMs 1–3 range features membrane technology and offers a compact and simple on-site solution for low-flow nitrogen requirements. Each of the three models in the new NGMs range can be wall-mounted to save coveted space and provide a fit even in small facilities.

The generators are supplied as an all-in-one, integrated package complete with filters. Fitted with pressure gauges to ensure accurate system monitoring at all times, the ready-to-use units are housed in a fully enclosed protective canopy.

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