BUA Cement leads the way in reducing cement prices in Nigeria amid high inflation

BUA Cement Plc has announced a significant reduction in the price of cement, from N5,500 to N3,500 per bag, effective October 2nd, 2023.

This move is expected to make cement more affordable for consumers and businesses, which could boost construction activity and economic growth.

In a press release announcing the price reduction, BUA Cement said that the decision was made “to spur development in the building materials and infrastructure sectors.” The company also said that it was able to reduce prices due to its increased production capacity and its commitment to making cement more affordable for Nigerians.

The price reduction is a welcome development for the Nigerian economy, which has been struggling with high inflation and a weak currency.

The high cost of cement has been a major obstacle to construction activity, and the price reduction could help to boost the sector.

The price reduction could also lead to a more competitive cement market in Nigeria, which could benefit consumers and businesses alike.

BUA Cement is the second-largest cement producer in Nigeria, and its price reduction could put pressure on other producers to follow suit.

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