DULCOPOOL and DULCOPOOL Pro– precise measurement, easy operation, safe control

New Measurement and Control Devices

ProMinent GmbH has added two products to its portfolio for reliable measurement and control of water parameters in swimming pools: DULCOPOOL and DULCOPOOL Pro feature a Wi-Fi interface for easy operation and remote control as well as a bus connection for integration into superordinate systems.

All ProMinent measuring and control instruments can be customised for efficient control and dosing of chemicals for safe treatment of swimming pool water. The new DULCOPOOL devices offer a solution for small private pools as well as for large single pools with additional functions. Both controllers are available as individual components or on a pre-assembled panel with auxiliary measuring points and components.

DULCOPOOL – ideal for private pools

The DULCOPOOL controller measures the pH value and the redox potential in the pool water and is designed for 0.8, 1.6 and 2.4 liters of dosing agent per hour. This ensures proper disinfection of residential pools with up to 100 cubic meters/h circulation volume. By means of two peristaltic pumps integrated in the unit, DULCOPOOL automatically and reliably regulates the pH value and chlorine concentration of the pool water.

Configuration and operation can be carried out locally via the touchscreen or via the new Wi-Fi interface with the corresponding smartphone app (Android and iOS systems). In addition, the unit, equipped with Modbus RTU as standard, can be connected to a smart home system via a Wi-Fi network and controlled from a computer.

Further to its ease of use, DULCOPOOL is characterised by quick installation, quiet operation, and high serviceability. The controller also monitors the levels in the chemical tanks. If a measured value is exceeded, a dosing stop is triggered to protect against overdosing and at the same time an alarm message is sent to all connected devices.

DULCOPOOL Pro – powerful for single pools with additional functions

DULCOPOOL Pro is a newly developed multi-parameter measuring and control device for swimming pools, from large private and hotel pools to Olympic-size pools. It allows the measurement of all types of chlorine and important disinfection parameters such as redox potential, bromine, and ozone. A total of 10 measured values can be recorded and up to five parameters can be monitored simultaneously (example: pH, ORP/Redox, free chlorine, total chlorine, temperature). For precise control of pH and chlorine concentration, DULCOPOOL Pro supports various types of dosing pumps. In this way, the required concentration of disinfectant in the pool water is kept constant.

Eight different timers are available to control additional functions such as backwashing and temperature control. As well, the integrated calendar keeps track of all maintenance tasks and allows for targeted scheduling of service assignments. Technical support can also be provided remotely via a web interface.

Intuitive touchscreen menu navigation and standard interfaces allow for easy operation and seamless integration into smart home systems or superordinated PLCs.

You can find more information here:

Controller DULCOPOOL

Controller DULCOPOOL Pro

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