G&M Radiator – 60 years of Cooling

G&M Radiator was founded in 1964 and is still a privately owned family business. In recent years, prudent acquisitions have resulted in the G&M Group which consists of several companies working in different fields of the Heat Exchange Industry. The combined expertise and strengths of each company has established the G&M Group at the forefront of this market.

G&M Radiator manufacture using copper/brass, non-ferrous and aluminium materials. The manufacturing facility can accommodate both large and small production runs. The workforce is highly skilled, experienced and adaptable with many having over 25 years’ service with the Company.

We supplement our range of manufactured product with a large and varied stock of radiators, oil-coolers and other heat exchange products which we source from leading high-quality suppliers across the globe.

From receipt of an original sample heat exchanger, we can have our version drawn up and manufactured and a finished unit ready to ship in as little as 4 working days. This short development time means we are constantly adding to the huge range in our extensive catalogue.

Designs and drawings are created in house using the latest CAD/CAM software which allows a short development process for new projects.

Our on-site wind tunnel ensures new designs can be quickly confirmed and tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our production process uses the very latest metal punching and forming technology and equipment as well as traditional presses.

This equipment is maintained by a dedicated team of in-house engineers and craftsmen. The ability to produce our own unique tooling is a huge advantage and one that we are rightly proud of.

The Company has long been an advocate of documented process controls and as such has operated to an accredited ISO Quality System for many years.

Our 100,000 sq ft head office and factory along with a separate 11,500 sq ft distribution warehouse are located in Glasgow in the West of Scotland, UK.

From here we have excellent links to the transport infrastructure, and we offer same day global shipping of orders from our extensive and growing catalogue of heat exchange products. Customers can log in to our web-catalogue 24/7 to check stock, prices and place orders.

Check out our web-site for more information about G&M Radiator.



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