DY6 Secures License for Tundulu Rare Earth Project in Malawi

DY6 Metals has secured a license for its Tundulu rare earth project from the Malawian Department of Mines.

The project site includes several hills, with Nathace Hill at its center. Located in southern Malawi, the Tundulu project is a carbonatite complex known for its rich rare earth elements (REEs) and niobium mineralization. Historical surface sampling and drilling at Nathace Hill have revealed a geology rich in REE apatite, REE carbonatites, and feldspathic breccia. Surrounding hills, like Tundulu Hill to the east and Makhanga Hill to the west, also present carbonatite deposits that are unexplored and prospective for REEs.

The mineralization at Nathace Hill remains open towards the south and west, suggesting potential for an extended mineralized area. Initial assessments indicate that the mineralization at Tundulu is high in valuable middle REEs and has low levels of radioactive elements such as uranium and thorium.

To further evaluate the project’s potential, DY6 has engaged Perth-based Met Chem Consulting for an initial metallurgical review. This review will revisit historical test work and analyze findings from a 2017 metallurgical report. DY6’s test work will initially focus on validating previous laboratory results, particularly those related to ore beneficiation. Subsequently, the company will optimize key parameters in grinding and flotation reagent processes to enhance the grade and recovery of rare earth and phosphate host minerals.

In a statement, DY6 said: “Conducting test work at this early stage enables the company to ascertain the preliminary viability of producing two product streams: a commercially saleable REE concentrate and a mixed phosphate concentrate containing rare earths. A scope of work has been prepared by Met Chem and will be submitted to various Perth-based laboratories with suitable experience, with the intent to commence the test work early in the second half of the year. The test work program will run in parallel with other key development workstreams by DY6, including a comprehensive litho-geochemical sampling program, to unlock the significant potential of this rare earth carbonatite project.”

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