Rokbak Partners with HMD to Expand Presence in West Africa

Scottish articulated hauler manufacturer and member of the Volvo Group, Rokbak, has partnered with Heavy Machinery Dealership (HMD), a premier provider of construction, mining and quarrying equipment in West Africa.

Founded in 2003, HMD has established a strong reputation as a specialised distributor of premium heavy machinery and parts and is dedicated to contributing to Africa’s infrastructure development. HMD, as an experienced local partner, will help bring Rokbak ADTs to an established customer base in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire. HMD assists the growth and success of its customers through reliable, tried and trusted equipment together with strong spare parts availability and aftersales support.

“Rokbak has an excellent reputation, and our customers know and trust the Volvo brand,” says HMD CEO Mathew Khouri. “Rokbak haulers will complement our product portfolio well, offering the thriving mining, quarrying and construction industries in West Africa a reliable and efficient ADT. With Rokbak we will deliver high-quality trucks alongside our exceptional service and support.”


The construction market in Africa is currently estimated at $58.42 billion and is expected to reach $74.81 billion by 2029. West Africa’s construction industry is, in particular, experiencing substantial growth, driven by urbanisation, infrastructure development and mining activities. Nigeria and Ghana are the biggest mining markets in the region, with the global push for green energy solutions meaning reserves of critical minerals such as lithium, manganese and nickel are in high demand. The Nigerian mining sector alone is estimated to boast 44 different types of commercially viable minerals worth an estimated $700bn.

The demand for reliable, high-performance machinery is at an all-time high. Rokbak offers two hauler models. The RA40 is the largest with a gross power of 331 kW (444 hp), a maximum torque of 2,225 Nm and a 38 tonne (41.9 US ton) payload. It is a popular choice for major infrastructure and mining projects, with its effective power to weight ratio enabling the fast movement of heavy materials. Like the RA40, the 28 tonne (30.9 US ton) RA30, with a gross power of 276 kW (370 hp) and a maximum torque of 1880 Nm, benefits from a transmission retardation system, a fully adaptable drivetrain and easy maintenance to suit a variety of different job sites.


“Our partnership with Rokbak represents a significant advancement for our customers in West Africa and continues our vision to become the leading supplier of heavy machinery in Africa through customising solutions to customers’ needs,” says Mathew. “Rokbak’s robust and reliable haulers are perfect for the region’s requirements. We look forward to working closely with Rokbak to enhance the capabilities of our customers and contribute to the development of the local infrastructure and important applications in the region.”

Rokbak’s articulated haulers are renowned for their durability, efficiency and ease of use, making them an ideal fit for the region’s challenging terrains and demanding projects. HMD’s local expertise and infrastructure will provide essential support and training, ensuring optimal use of Rokbak equipment.

“We are delighted to partner with HMD in West Africa,” says Paul Douglas, Rokbak Managing Director. “HMD’s reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with Rokbak and the Volvo Group’s values. This partnership is a testament to our commitment in expanding our global reach and supporting customers in even more territories in the construction, quarrying and mining industries.

“Our high-quality haulers, combined with HMD’s vast experience and local expertise, will deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

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