Longbai group: signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Henan Bureau of Geology and mineral exploration and development – EqualOcean

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The Turkish Foreign Minister plans to visit the Russian capital Moscow on the 16th.
BOC Securities: the shareholder cloud Investment Group plans to reduce its holding of no more than 1.5% of the company’s shares
Innovations of Autonomous Vehicles: Solid-State LiDAR Sensors
The solid-state LiDAR market is booming and Its growth has been extremely beneficial to the autonomous vehicle sector.
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L’Oreal has terminated its cooperation with Deng Lun
General Administration of Customs: strive to optimize the business environment at ports and promote the development of new forms of foreign trade such as cross-border e-commerce and market procurement
China in 2022 and Beyond – Future Investment Watch II
China in 2022 and Beyond – Future Investment Watch I
Global Path of Chinese Video Games’ Business Expansion
China Concepts Stocks Overview H1 2021
Changying precision: plans to launch the fifth phase of employee stock ownership plan
Penny test: it is estimated that the profit in the first quarter of 2022 will be 4-5 million yuan
Xiaoxiong electric appliance: it plans to invest 40 million yuan to participate in the establishment of industrial fund
Changying precision: plans to launch 26.489 million stock option incentive plans
Tencent Cloud New Features Cut Time in Building Data Warehouse
The new functions can reduce the average length of time for constructing data warehouses from more than a month to less than a week for industries like video games, significantly boosting efficiency
Updated 14 hours ago
The Digital Awakening Transforms the Post-Pandemic Restaurant Landscape
Ranging from self-ordering to ghost kitchens, a new digital landscape has rumbled through classically decorated restaurants with East Asian motifs and beckoning waving lucky cats. But this shift has not altered the sophisticated and banding sentiments that bring up the nostalgic reminder of years past. A wide spectrum of digital devices has therefore unveiled eye-opening market potential; giving rise to novel customer experiences and steering consumer behaviors as a result.
Yesterday 10:41 PM
Peskov: it is disappointing that the leaders of the United States and the European Union avoided talking about the Donetsk attack
St joint construction: it is proposed to sell 36 sets of self owned office buildings at a price of no less than 640 million yuan
Hengbao Co., Ltd.: the company currently has no business related to electronic ID card
Index Provider MSCI Raises Alibaba Health ESG Rating to A
The rating puts Alibaba Health in the top tier of China’s Internet healthcare industry
Yesterday 10:06 PM
JD.com Boosts Rural Digitization through Cloud Technologies
The company plays a leading role in promoting e-commerce in China’s rural areas, which helps alleviate rural poverty and drum up business at once
Yesterday 11:12 AM
National Technology: increase the capital of Inner Mongolia snow by 150 million yuan in the form of debt to equity swap
UNHCR: more than 3 million Ukrainian refugees have left Ukraine
Four new asymptomatic infections in Suzhou
Xiaoxiong electric appliance: it plans to repurchase shares with RMB 80 million to RMB 120 million
Innovations of Autonomous Vehicles: Solid-State LiDAR Sensors
Updated 6 hours ago
The Digital Awakening Transforms the Post-Pandemic Restaurant Landscape
Yesterday 10:41 PM
800-Volt EV Quick Charge Race Begins in China
Yesterday 08:45 AM
Alibaba in Good Shape Amidst Gloomy Markets
Mar 16, 2022 05:28 PM
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