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Global Mining Review, Monday, 21 March 2022 11:30

Orosur Mining Inc. has announced that its geological teams have mobilised to Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, to commence the company’s first field exploration programme at the El Pantano Gold/Silver Project.
This field programme is expected to last approximately two weeks and will involve extensive mapping and surface sampling (soils and rock chip) programmes over the two most attractive prospects that had been identified following examination of historical data and previous due diligence visits.
The El Pantano Project is subject to an exploration and joint venture (JV) agreement with private Argentinean company DESEADO DORADO S.A.S and its shareholders, the details of which were announced on 15 February 2022.
The general terms of the agreement allow for the company to earn 100% equity in the project by investing US$3 million over five years in two phases:
The agreement covers nine contiguous licences owned by Deseado, that combined, total 607 km2 in the prolific Deseado Massif region of Santa Cruz Province in southern Argentina, roughly 45 km from Anglo Gold’s Cerro Vanguardia mining camp.
Access to the project is by good, paved road several hours drive south from the regional city of Comodoro Rivadavia, and then roughly 50 km travel on good quality dirt roads west from the Tres Cerros Roadhouse.
The region is barren and sparsely populated, largely as a result of the near complete devastation of the region’s agricultural industry by ashfall from the 1991 eruption of Mt Hudson. Several large and widely spaced estancias (ranches) exist across the project area, that will provide accommodation for field teams, eliminating the need for development of dedicated camps.
The company has carried out extensive technical due diligence of the prospectivity of the project, including literature searches, field visits and detailed examination of previous company work.
Government provided airborne geophysical data demonstrates that the project area is bisected by a major SE-NE trending crustal scale structure, which is the primary orientation known to control emplacement of gold and silver mineralisation across the Deseado Massif.
Preliminary field inspections concentrated on this structural corridor have demonstrated positive indications that a major epithermal system exists here and as such two initial prospects have been identified and will be the subject of this initial phase of exploration.
The San Antonio prospect lies within the SE of the project area and was explored in a cursory fashion by Minsud Resources Corp. for several years until 2016. Minsud carried out some low-level mapping and sampling of epithermal veins along the main structure that were the NW continuation of high grade veins that had been previously identified by other local companies outside the project area. A series of small resistivity and IP surveys were also undertaken.
Work by Minsud demonstrated a highly prospective and potentially large epithermal system associated with the eruption of dacitic domes, and evidence of pervasive silicification and argillic alternation.
However, during Minsud’s tenure, San Antonio would appear to have been its third-tier project, with most of its efforts concentrated on resource drilling elsewhere in Argentina and Chile, with little attention directed toward San Antonio.
So named because of a curious rock formation nearby, La Esfinge was not included in Minsud’s historical licence package.
La Esfinge prospect lies approximately 5 km along strike from San Antonio to the NW, located directly on the primary regional structure. This prospect is characterised by a large (8 km strike length) silicified hill within a large erosional window whereby the overlying basalts have been removed.

The prospect shows evidence of massive silica flooding and the development of alteration and other features that suggest La Esfinge is part of the same epithermal system as San Antonio, but slightly higher in that system.
No evidence of historical modern exploration has been uncovered, and it is possible then the prospect is untouched.
El Pantano is well located with good access, in a flat and open environment, and therefore in general is reasonably easy to explore.
However, the winter months in Patagonia (mid-May to mid-July), in addition to being very cold, are characterised by very short days, making field work logistically inefficient.
In light of the imminent winter, the company has decided to undertake a small sampling programme now, such that if results are positive, sufficient time may remain for a second follow-up program before the winter break.Lasting approximately two weeks, the company’s geological teams will complete a large soil sampling programme over the entire La Esfinge prospect, as well more detailed mapping and rock chip sampling at San Antonio.
During this phase, it is expected that approximately 400 soil samples, and 30 – 50 rock chip samples will be taken.
Orosur CEO, Brad George, commented: “With the hand over of Anzá, and the freeing up of financial and technical capacity, our attention now turns to our new projects. El Pantano represents an exciting project in that it demonstrates all of the early stage geological signs of a major epithermal system – but is largely untouched by modern exploration.”
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