Strata Worldwide and Emergency Refuge Chambers

Strata Worldwide has been a global name in emergency refuge chambers for mining and tunneling since 2007. Along with its standard steel-sided walk-in units with carbon dioxide scrubbing, air conditioning and battery back-ups, the company pioneered a completely air-powered carbon dioxide scrubber and a fully inflatable, soft-sided refuge chamber for underground coal mines. At the same time, the company introduced a completely powerless steel, walk-in option equipped with its novel air-powered CO2 scrubber for use in coal mines with fewer height restrictions.

In 2020 Strata unveiled a newly designed electrical walk-in chamber with a list of custom options and upgrades, including the latest in intelligent technologies for communication, automation and remote monitoring and control.

The Strata ERCX (Next-Generation Emergency Refuge Chamber) can be fitted with a ceiling-mounted IP camera for real-time video streaming, a Wi-Fi phone for VoIP calling, sensor stations and gas detectors for atmospheric monitoring and remote control.

The divide between personnel occupying the chamber and rescue operations above can be drastically reduced with the incorporation of Strata’s Intelligent Monitoring, Alert, Communication and Control (IMACC) system. Some elective options include:

Real-time emergency communication and monitoring

  • VoIP phone
  • Video streaming with multiple views
  • Sensor data for monitoring
    • Internal gas levels
    • Internal temperature & humidity
    • External power supply
    • External air supply flow and pressure
    • Battery voltage
    • Door open/closed

Long-term remote maintenance and sensor monitoring

  • Battery Voltages
  • Battery Charger Function
  • External Power Source Voltage
  • Chamber Tampering/Access

Full integration into the operation’s communication network for remote control, custom viewing, data logging and history reporting

  • Place and identify chambers on interactive mine map
  • Select individual chamber for detailed view and status monitoring
  • Video streaming with multiple views, full or split screens
  • Remote control of systems and equipment with sophisticated input capabilities
    • Sensor alarm thresholds
    • Air conditioner settings
    • Consumable expiration dates and change-out scheduling
  • Log data and view history within custom date ranges
    • Alarm histories
    • Sensor readings
    • Recorded video
    • Custom report generation

Emergency Refuge Chambers in mining are complete safety systems built for the vital purpose of providing a safe-to-breathe, isolated atmosphere when the air in the working section has become compromised. They are intended for use when self-escape is not possible.

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