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Flexibore is an efficient and cost-effective choice for mining operations.
With COVID-19 shutting off international borders, companies can no longer rely on imports like they once did. As a result, local manufacturers have never been a more important resource.
The disruption of the global supply chain is causing havoc for many businesses. Time delays, exorbitant increases in shipping costs, strikes and threats of more strikes have all caused a reshuffle of priorities in many a boardroom. 
Crusader Hose, also affected by these worldwide events, has been working tirelessly to help support its customers during these unprecedented times.
The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the vulnerability of the global supply chain and has forced many businesses to review their supply chain strategies. 
Relying heavily on importers is no longer seen as a viable business model and sourcing from local manufacturers for goods is being encouraged to reduce risks associated with supply chain disruptions.
As an essential service provider, Crusader Hose has been able to keep its doors open and continue to service the mining, industrial, agricultural and firefighting sectors. 
Australia’s pre-eminent local manufacturer of layflat hose, the company has delivered well over 550,000 metres of hose since the first lockdown. 
The Australian-owned company has been manufacturing layflat hose for more than 35 years and has grown from a small, family-run business to a medium-sized business with more than 40 employees. 
In its early years, the volume of imported hose on the streets put significant pressure on the company. 
However, with its culture of continuous improvement, Crusader Hose’s many investments and frequent machine upgrades have resulted in the creation of a world-class product. 
Working closely with industry, Crusader Hose’s layflat hose is designed, manufactured and supplied to the mining sector to assist in mine dewatering and bore water pumping. 
During these demanding and challenging times, the Melbourne-based factory has been working around the clock to assist mining operations in getting their emergency dewatering hose on time.
Crusader Hose’s heavy-duty layflat hose, Waterlord, is ideal for mine dewatering. 
Manufactured in diameters of up to 12 inches, Waterlord moves large volumes of water quickly and safely, ensuring mining operations work efficiently and on time. 
The high-pressure reliability of Waterlord comes from the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) through-the-weave extrusion that encases a robust textile reinforcement. 
It’s manufactured in one continuous length of up to 250 metres and can handle high-working pressures while its tough exterior can withstand rugged terrain. 
Both flanges and couplings are available which can easily connect to existing pipelines.
Crusader Hose’s progressive engineering department has designed and manufactured reeling systems to safely and efficiently deploy and retrieve multiple hose lengths. 
Although a smaller workforce suffices when unrolling shorter lengths from pumps to pipelines; for long runs up mine walls and across pits, hose reel systems are the ideal solution. 
Interchangeable spools make it quick and easy to handle multiple lengths of hose. 
Many mining companies are asking for the Waterlord layflat hose reeling system because of its inbuilt properties: keeping multiple lengths compact, making layflat hose easy to handle and easy to deploy.
Crusader Hose’s Flexibore flexible rising main is the choice of many dewatering projects where water extraction from deep depths is required. 
The revolutionary Flexibore 400 can handle high pressures of depths of up to 400 metres. 
The ease of handling a layflat versus a rigid pipe reduces installation time by days, making Flexibore the efficient and cost-effective choice for many mining engineers.
Whether it’s Waterlord, Flexibore or another of its reliable products, Crusader Hose represents the benefits of buying locally.
“We have seen the importance of supporting local manufacturers in the preservation of the supply chain for successful businesses,” Crusader Hose managing director Francois Steverlynck says. 
“Buying from an Australian producer gives you peace of mind regarding back-up, quality, quick turn-around and excellent customer service. We stand by our products so your needs will be looked after.”
Local manufacturing is critical in these times of uncertainty. Crusader Hose is committed to being part of a mining business’ success with the timely delivery of the products they need.
This article appears in the November issue of Australian Mining.   
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