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On November 1, 2018, a year after Atlantic Gold produced its first gold bar at its Touquoy open pit mine in Moose River, 11 provincial public servants gathered for a two-hour meeting with four high-level representatives of the gold mining company. Two were with Nova Scotia Environment, six with Lands and Forestry, and three with…
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Joan Baxter is an award-winning Nova Scotian journalist and author of seven books, including “The Mill: Fifty Years of Pulp and Protest.” Website: www.joanbaxter.ca; Twitter; Email: [email protected]
A collage of various housing options in HRM, including co-ops, apartment buildings, shelters, and tents
PRICED OUT is the Examiner’s investigative reporting project focused on the housing crisis.
You can learn about the project, including how we’re asking readers to direct our reporting, our published articles, and what we’re working on, on the PRICED OUT homepage.
A screenshot from a TV show: a young woman in 50's style dress and hair standing in front of a microphone on a stage.
Amy Sherman-Palladino is both a thrilling and confounding creator of television — best known for Gilmore Girls, she also helmed a single season of the much-missed Bunheads, and has seen the biggest success of her long television career with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, a 1950s-set series starring Rachel Brosnahan as an upscale New York woman who becomes a (gasp!) stand-up comedian. Tara is joined by her friends Denise Williams and Holly Gordon for a dissection of the just-aired fourth season, including all the Gilmore universe people who showed up (some VERY unwelcome), Susie’s sexuality, ASP’s blind spots as a writer, production budgets, and that time they were spoiled for Gilmore by the Warner Brothers studio tour. Plus a new song from Don Brownrigg!
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In 1995, Brenda Way was brutally murdered behind a Dartmouth apartment building. In 1999, Glen Assoun was found guilty of the murder. He served 17 years in prison, but steadfastly maintained his innocence. In 2019, Glen Assoun was fully exonerated.
Halifax Examiner founder and investigative journalist Tim Bousquet has followed the story of Glen Assoun’s wrongful conviction for over five years. Now, Bousquet tells that story as host of Season 7 of the CBC podcast series Uncover: Dead Wrong.
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