Walkabout Resources is proceeding smoothly with the commissioning process at the Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine.

Walkabout Resources Ltd (ASX:WKT) has reported significant advancements in the construction and commissioning phases of its Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine situated in Tanzania.

After the successful initial feed of graphite ore through the crushing circuit in early January, the company is now gearing up for the subsequent wet commissioning phase. This upcoming stage entails the first ore feed through the entire processing circuit, anticipated to take place within the next month.

Key progress points include:

  • Arrival of all critical equipment essential for the final installation stages.
  • Scheduled wet commissioning and the initial ore feed through the complete processing circuit in the following month.
  • Connection of the power control center (PCC) to grid power, facilitating the conclusion of dry commissioning across all circuits.
  • Completion of hiring and induction processes for the majority of leadership and support teams.
  • Finalization of crucial support contracts and readiness of support facilities, such as the camp, for the initial production phase.

Updates on Shipping and Installation: Despite enduring port congestion at Dar es Salaam causing disruptions in discharge schedules, crucial mechanical and electrical equipment required for wet commissioning has reached the site. While backup generators and larger orders of consumables are still en route, their arrival is expected in March. The company has prepared for potential further delays by securing mobile generating capacity to ensure uninterrupted testing and commissioning activities with minimal risk.

Plant Construction and Commissioning: Recent acquisition of critical plant equipment will facilitate the completion of minor construction and installation works alongside commissioning activities. This encompasses the installation of a burner, mechanical, electrical, and control equipment, as well as instrumentation cables.

With grid power now accessible to the Lindi Jumbo switch yard and the PCC connected, the company is positioned to finalize dry commissioning of all circuits, thereby paving the way for wet commissioning and the inaugural ore run through the plant.

Managing director and CEO Andrew Cunningham expressed his pride in the team and contractors for navigating the construction process smoothly as they transition to full operational readiness. He affirmed confidence in meeting the target of feeding high-grade graphite ore through the entire circuit within the next month.

Cunningham acknowledged the logistical challenges posed by ongoing shipping delays but emphasized the mine’s adherence to scheduled development milestones, ensuring safety and operative compliance. Upon completion of commissioning activities, the Lindi Jumbo Graphite Mine will mark a significant milestone as the first modern, large-scale graphite mine in Tanzania and the country’s first critical minerals asset to achieve full production.

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