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Santa Clarita, California, March 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Santa Clarita, CA based WaxDynasty.com is reaching out to help their community take their first steps into the world of cryptocurrency. In particular, the platform is answering their readers’ requests to explain the process of crypto mining and the various tools they need to participate.

“Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency,” explains the platform via an article that was recently published on their website, “that uses encryption techniques to make it secure and difficult to counterfeit. Cryptocurrency transactions are few, fast and irreversible. Cryptocurrency is not backed by any government or central bank; instead, it relies on the power of mathematics to create a decentralized form of money.”

The article, titled ‘How To Make Money Mining Cryptocurrency For Beginners 2022 Without A Rig,’ aims to show potential crypto enthusiasts how they can get started even if they do not necessarily have a computer capable of mining. According to the platform, people in this position generally tend to want two things: to start mining both quickly and safely. Fortunately, the platform knows just how this can be done, and their team is eager to share their insight.
The method most will be familiar with, the platform says, is where they purchase the associated equipment and hardware to start mining on their own. Such setups can include off-the-shelf gaming rigs that are repurposed or even custom rigs where the user has control over every aspect of its functions. This stage is generally a problem for beginners because mining rigs tend to require the best graphics cards on the market — which can be extremely costly. Making matters worse, recent global events, supply chain interruptions and material shortages have made graphics cards more scarce, thereby driving up their price well beyond what even manufacturers recommend. A decent mining rig can cost a beginner thousands of dollars, and this can be an incredibly scary investment for someone brand new to the field to make.
The article clarifies, “The most important thing is to build your rig with the best graphics cards possible because they are what will perform the calculations that allow you to mine cryptocurrencies. You’ll need at least four graphics cards for mining Ethereum and at least two for mining Bitcoin; other types of cryptocurrencies might require even more powerful graphics cards such as AMD’s RX 570/580 GPUs or Nvidia’s GTX 1070/1080 GPUs.”
However, the platform is pleased to share that there is indeed a viable alternative that anyone can turn to instead, potentially saving them a large amount of money in initial investment costs while still allowing them to explore the crypto world. This alternative is known as cloud mining, and it makes the field both more accessible and profitable for many more people.
To get started, WaxDynasty.com states that new miners will have to create an account with a reputable platform that they can use to store their crypto coins after mining. The article recommends Coinbase for this purpose, partly due to the fact that it boasts an easy interface that beginners should have little problem navigating. Furthermore, Coinbase users can access their account via apps on either an Android device or iPhone, and certain users will appreciate that they can also utilize the physical Bitcoin wallets that Coinbase provides in addition to other storage solutions. There is a great deal of versatility here.
“You’ll need a wallet address where you can receive your mined coins,” the article adds, “so pick one and enter it into your account on Coinbase.” Following this, users can remotely participate in mining by using rented cloud computing power. All they need to do is sign up with a platform that offers such a service and pay a small fee to get started — and they will instantly notice that this fee is much smaller than purchasing their own rig would have been. WaxDynasty.com has a recommendation here as well.
They say, “Minedollars is one such platform, and it has launched a new campaign that rewards all users with a sign-up bonus of $10 that can be withdrawn immediately. The cloud mining platform also offers a referral program where you get a 3% commission for referring friends and family.” Read the full article here for more: https://waxdynasty.com/how-to-make-money-mining-cryptocurrency-for-beginners-2022-without-a-rig/.
In the report readers will find the following video that details cloud mining by showing an investor mining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjTacVrFRyc

WaxDynasty.com is committed to pushing the cryptocurrency market forward by educating their community on its various aspects. As such, they welcome all inquiries from those who wish to learn more.
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