Endeavour Pours First Gold at Sabodala-Massawa Expansion Project

Sabodala-Massawa is Senegal’s largest gold mine. Its owner plans to commission a new processing plant at the site. This year, the firm eyes an output of 11.33 t, up from 8.33 t last year. 

Endeavour Mining announced the successful first gold pouring from its new processing plant at the Sabodala-Massawa gold complex on April 29. This achievement follows a project initiated in 2022 to boost the mine’s production capacity by 1.2 million tonnes annually.

The company aims to increase gold production to 11.33 tonnes in 2024, up from 8.33 tonnes in the previous year, with the new plant expected to achieve commercial production by the end of the second quarter and reach full capacity in the third quarter.

“We have commissioned the project and delivered first gold in only two years, marking the fourth capital project that we have completed in the last 10 years,” said Ian Cockerill, CEO of Endeavour Mining.

In 2023, Sabodala-Massawa produced 294,000 ounces of gold and is one of Endeavour Mining’s four gold mines, solidifying its position as a leading gold producer in West Africa. The mine is Senegal’s biggest gold mine.

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