Zimbabwe Construction: Francis Mangwendeza Explores Asphalt Products’ Growth and Evolution

Francis Mangwendeza, Owner and CEO of Asphalt Products, shares some insights into the inception of the company and its evolution over the years.

“Asphalt Products was established in 1996 by myself and a colleague. Since then, we have undergone significant growth and evolution. Initially focused on providing road surfacing products as a specialized contractor within Zimbabwe, our primary emphasis was on road surfacing. Over time, however, we expanded our scope to encompass a wide range of civil engineering activities. While road surfacing remained a core aspect of our business, we expanded our portfolio to encompass a wide range of civil engineering projects, including roadworks, earthworks, and irrigation schemes. Additionally, we ventured into the manufacturing domain, producing various emulsions and cutback bitumen locally. Our journey since 1996 has transformed us into a company that not only contributes to the road surfacing sector but also adds value across earthworks and the manufacturing of diverse materials”, says Francis Mangwendeza.

“Our distinguishing factor lies in the exceptional quality of our work. Since our establishment, we have successfully delivered all projects on time without any need for revisions. The feedback from our collaborators has consistently been positive, underscoring our commitment to excellence. We take pride in our stringent quality standards, and our ability to oversee the materials utilized in our processes allows us to maintain superior quality control. Consequently, our roadworks and manufactured products, both locally and internationally, are unparalleled within Zimbabwe. Our commitment to quality truly makes us stand out”, he adds.

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