Chemical Brothers: Pioneering Excellence in Portable Sanitation Solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa’s Mining Industry

Since 2010 Chemical Brothers, also known as Chembros, has established a proud history of delivering savings and reliability in the portable and off-line sanitation industry with product innovations for today’s ever – changing environment in sub-Saharan Africa. We are trusted in over 20 African countries, and we provide millions of services to satisfied customers every year. Our primary supplier JJ Chem USA are the Worlds most trusted portable toilet and septic tank additive supplier with millions of doses sold World – wide annually, and have been doing so since 1967.

Chemical Brothers have a specific Mining focus with our GHS, ISO and REACH compliant portable toilet and septic tank additives with our Truex and GT liquids, and our Propaxx, Evergreen and Nutank dry-sachet dissolvable products. We are the largest solutions – based company dedicated to supplying top quality products to the Off-line and Portable Sanitation industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our logistics partners allow us to supply product anywhere in Sub-Sharan Africa within days in most cases, and within a few weeks in extreme cases. We have depots in South Africa, Ghana and Kenya which allow us to ensure fast response times. We hold around 20 tons of product as a minimum and can supply large volumes of product round Africa very effectively.

Chembros are also founding members of the Association of Mobile and Portable Sanitation Africa, AMPS Africa, association which have commenced establishing industry guidelines and operating procedures in conjunction with the South African Government Department of Water and Sanitation. The intent is to standardise the Portable Sanitation industry in Africa and ensure best in the World guidelines and operating procedures. The industry guidelines and operating procedures are based upon the EU and British Standard documents which have been amended to suit African conditions.

We understand the health and safety requirements of the mining industry and our product range is completely compliant with EHS requirements for underground and surface mining requirements. Our products have acceptably low ignition and gas emission capabilities which are mine compliant in all cases.

Our product range includes portable toilets from J&J Chem USA, Satellite Industries EU, Atlas Plastics South Africa and others. We also supply Masport vacuum pumps, Cobra vacuum tanks, Plastiflex vacuum pipes and portable toilet solar lights.


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