Partners realise the advantages of immersion cooling for high-density data centres

Leading provider of modular data centre solutions STULZ Modular has partnered with Asperitas, an immersion cooling specialist, to unlock the benefits of immersion cooling for high-density data centre environments

Together, the two organisations are devising a concept for a modular data centre solution with integrated immersion cooling for indoor and outdoor installation. Both entities will work to deliver the project and bring their contributions to ensure its delivery; Asperitas will provide its expertise and products around immersion cooling while STULZ Modular has developed the concept for the data centre infrastructure components in addition to recirculating air conditioning and mechanical refrigeration. 

The concept provided by STULZ Modular further includes the secure supply of the power train, the complete cooling circuit, remote monitoring and infrastructure management, in addition to early fire detection and extinguishing. 

Ultimately, this collaboration aims to provide a compact, modular end-to-end data centre for an IT load of up to 200kW which will benefit from immersion cooling technology from Asperitas. According to the partners, this configuration will offer high reliability and additional redundancy as well as rapid scalability and efficiency. As a modular concept, it will allow customer-specific adaptions and will arrive at the final site ready for immediate use having been fully factory-tested. 

The partners have now announced that the solution will be available in the EMEA region to start with and is ready to order today, although further details on individual product options will be revealed at a later time. 

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