Government must protect Ghana’s interests in mining Sector 

The Lands and Mining Watch Ghana (LMWG), a civil society organisation has called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene to restore the rule of law and to protect Ghana’s 10 per cent stake in the Adamus Resources.

“We are appalled by the revelation that Angela List, Group CEO of Nguvu Holdings Limited in collaboration with select individuals from political and security circles, has orchestrated a bold and illegal scheme to export gold allegedly valued at over seven million US dollars from Adamus Resources, a cornerstone of Ghana’s mining industry.

“This egregious violation of the law has been facilitated under the guise of the non-existence of the Interim Management Committee (IMC), in direct defiance of the consequential orders issued by the esteemed Accra High Court,” it stated.

The LMWG at a news conference addressed by Mr Solomon Owusu, the Convenor said the contempt displayed by Angela List and her cohorts towards the clear directives of the Accra High Court regarding the constitution of an IMC for Adamus Resources was deeply troubling.

“Despite the court’s unambiguous instructions, our investigation has uncovered no evidence of an appeal lodged against these orders. This blatant disregard for the rule of laws and the judiciary’s authority is unacceptable and demands immediate redress,” the organisation stated.

The LMWG said it was imperative that the government fulfilled its duty to protect its interests, particularly its substantial 10 per cent stake in Adamus Resources.

“However, the concerning indifference exhibited by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources in addressing this matter promptly raises serious doubts about its commitment to upholding the nation’s sovereignty in the mining sector.

“Furthermore, the collusion of certain security agencies in facilitating the illegal exportation of gold, despite a pending injunction application, undermines public trust in the integrity of law enforcement institutions and calls for urgent investigation and corrective action,” it stated.

The LMWG said the conduct of the Attorney General’s office in providing questionable advice to Angela List and Nguvu Mining regarding the effect of an injunction application, was deeply troubling.

“Such interference in judicial matters undermines the independence and impartiality of our judicial system and erodes public confidence in the administration of justice. The Attorney General’s role is to uphold the law, not to circumvent it or undermine the authority of our courts.”

It stated; “In light of these egregious transgressions, LMWG urgently calls upon His Excellency the President of Ghana to intervene decisively and restore the rule of law in the mining sector.
“The President in these difficult times of massive depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi should be more concerned about how dollars which could have been used to shore the economy are shipped out of the country.

“The media, civil society organisations, and all stakeholders must unite in demanding accountability and transparency. It is imperative that those responsible for violating the law are held to account and that measures are put in place to prevent such flagrant disregard for court orders and national interests from occurring in the future.”

The LMWG noted that transparency, accountability, and adherence to the rule of law are essential for the sustainable management of Ghana’s natural resources and the equitable distribution of their benefits among all citizens.

“We are therefore calling on the media as the fourth Estate of the realm to see this development as a call to duty to follow the court proceedings regarding this matter with eagle eyes to ensure that the country, Ghana is not short changed.”

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