Saving fuel and maximising productivity with Indeco hydraulic hammers

Indeco has highlighted the benefits of its HP Fuel Saving Hydraulic Hammers which are built to deliver superior performance whilst consuming 20% less fuel than competing models

The hammers were introduced some years ago in response to client demands. Indeco took note of the increasingly competitive landscape alongside the rising urgency of the climate crisis which is driving companies in the demolition and recycling sectors to prioritise efficient and sustainable solutions.

Indeco’s HP Fuel Saving Hydraulic Hammers boast an upgraded hydraulic system to allow the power to be optimised as well as the engine speed of the machine to be reduced (a feature which stands out more when comparing the Indeco hammer with gas or gas-oil powered hammers).

The HP series has a single moving part, the distributor, in line with the piston and the internal oil distribution system has no grooves, no direction changes, no diameter reduction and an almost total absence of seals. All this delivers an efficient hydraulic action with low friction, saving energy and fuel.

Another advantage is the automatic speed-energy impact variation system which enables the hammers to adapt to the hardness of the rock, thereby making the best use of the impact energy to the advantage of productivity.

Limiting environmental impact

According to Indeco, when comparing the company’s largest demolition hammer, the HP 18000 Fuel Saving, and its gas-powered counterpart, the former requires 18.3% less energy to achieve the same results. This could save clients around 22,200 litres of fuel per year, translating to approximately 50,600 kg of CO2 saved per year. Such savings represent a significant coup for companies seeking to minimise their environmental footprint and save costs doing so.

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