Côte d’Ivoire has authorized exploration permits for strategic metals.

Côte d’Ivoire, a notable player in gold production, is diversifying its mineral portfolio with manganese, copper, cobalt, and nickel. The surge in demand for these minerals has spurred the nation to intensify its exploration efforts.

During a recent Cabinet meeting in Abidjan on May 8th, the Ivorian government approved multiple exploration permits targeting critical metals, notably cobalt and lithium.

Ivorian Exploration and Research Company SARL secured a permit encompassing nickel, rare earths, cobalt, gold, and chrome in the M’Batto, Toumodi, and Taabo regions. Parnassa Invest SAS was granted a permit for exploring nickel, cobalt, copper, silver, and gold in the Biankouma area. Additionally, Khaleesi Resources SARL obtained a lithium exploration permit covering the Agboville and Adzopé zones.

Apart from gold, silver, and chrome, these metals are witnessing heightened global demand, driven by the energy transition. Cobalt, nickel, rare earths, and lithium play pivotal roles in the electric vehicle industry, while copper and rare earths are indispensable for renewable energies.

The government’s decision to issue these exploration permits aims to position Côte d’Ivoire as a significant supplier of critical metals in the foreseeable future, leveraging potential discoveries of copper, nickel, or lithium deposits. Currently, gold dominates the local mining sector, with production projected to reach 55 tonnes in 2024, up from 50 tonnes in 2023.

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