Niger: Government Shows Strong Support for Dasa Uranium Project

Niger, Africa’s second-largest uranium producer, stands ready to leverage the surging demand and prices for uranium. Its economic prospects rest significantly on two key ventures: Dasa and Madaouela.

Recently, Niger’s Minister of Mines spearheaded the groundbreaking ceremony for the uranium processing facility at the prospective Dasa uranium site. During this milestone event, Commissioner-Colonel Ousmane Abarchi, echoing governmental support, highlighted the project’s paramount importance.

“Our commitment to Dasa runs deep; it represents not only governmental interest but also our vision for pioneering mining practices in Niger, ensuring benefits in revenue, employment, and environmental stewardship,” emphasized Minister Abarchi.

Scheduled to kick off operations in 2026, Dasa anticipates a robust production of 68.1 million pounds of uranium over 23 years, further solidifying Niger’s stature as a significant global supplier. As nuclear energy gains traction amidst the global energy transition, Niger foresees a lucrative uptick in mining revenues propelled by escalating uranium prices.

Niger holds a substantial 20% equity stake in the Dasa venture, displaying unwavering support in contrast to the Madaouela uranium project. In a stern stance, the government has issued a deadline of July 3, 2024, threatening to revoke GoviEx Uranium’s license for the Madaouela project if uranium extraction fails to commence. Negotiations are underway to seek a mutually beneficial resolution between the involved parties.

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